The Top 10 Ways to Lower Texas Auto Insurance Rates

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Auto insurance in Texas is not an option, it’s mandatory. The major concern people have while buying auto insurance is the high premiums they have to pay for it. But owning a vehicle here means you have to obide by the mandatory Texas auto insurance laws, or pay the consequences.

Just because auto insurance in Texas is mandatory, doesn’t mean you can’t shop around to get the best deal. There are many ways to improve your chances of getting the cheapest rates, and here are our top 10 ways to save on auto insurance in Texas.

#1 Take Advantage of your Auto Insurance Company

Please don’t take that the wrong way, we don’t recommend you do anything unscrupulous. We just recommend you do what they don’t want you to do – shop around!

The free auto insurance quote tools available on the top and bottom of this page help you quickly and freely compare quotes from multiple agencies all at the same time. Not every insurance company has the same rates, if you take an extra 10-15 minutes out of your day and save $500 a year do you think is it worth the time? We think so… 15 minutes to save $500 its like being paid $2000 an hour!

#2 Multi-Policy Discounts

The concept of a “multi-policy” can really help you in saving money on car insurance. If you choose one company and get your home, boat, auto or umbrella insurance from them, then you could receive a multi-policy discount saving up to 20% off policy premiums.

#3 Increase your Deductibles

Deductibles come in to play when you have an auto accident and need to file a claim. By selecting higher deductibles, your monthly premiums will be lowered. A deductible in Texas is usually between zero and $2,000. You can choose any amount you are comfortable with, but high risk drivers usually drive cars with a lesser value, therefore a higher deductible makes good financial sense.

#4 Be a Good Student – or Help your Kids to be One

Auto insurance companies give special discounts to high school and college students with good grades. So being a smart student could add up to additional savings. This will come as a huge relief as insurance premiums for inexperienced and prone to be reckless young drivers are usually higher than average.

#5 Spruce up Your Vehicle’s Security

If you load up your car with anti-theft devices, this will not only give you peace of mind but will also improve your chances of a discount on your auto insurance premium. Insurers will lower the “risk factor” of your car being stolen and your rates will go down. This option comes more into play in high auto theft locations.

#6 Discounts for Getting all Your Vehicles Insured by One Company

It pays to have all of your vehicles insured with one company. At some point someone started the myth that you should spread your insurance policies among different companies. This is completely absurd. If you want to save money on auto insurance in Texas and you have more than one car, insure them all with one company to take advantage of their multi-car discounts.

#7 Look for Common Auto Insurance Discounts

Auto insurance companies often offer good discounts. You may be surprised when you will learn how many discounts are there for the taking. Just be sure to ASK for any running offers or discounts when you approach an insurance company, an agent or apply for auto insurance online. Get all the discounts you are qualified for and save big dollars on your policy.

#8 Lower Premiums for Being a Safe Driver

If you drive responsibly and follow all the laws and regulations, then you would not have any violation on your record for the past three years. This makes you a safe driver and with no tickets or accidents, and you can qualify for a safe driver’s discount of up to 5% off your premium.

#9 Being a Senior Citizen

If you are 65 years or older and have a clean driving record, then your premiums could be lowered. Also if your career is ‘insurance friendly’ (like a doctor or a manager), then you may also be given a discount in your premiums.

#10 Your Vehicle Matters a Lot

If you have a safe, low maintenance vehicle it will cost less to insure, as they are believed to have less frequency of submitted claims. Insurance companies love safe vehicles, combined with safe drivers, it means more profit for them!

These are just a few simple steps to follow so that you can lower car insurance quotes in Texas. Follow them and do not forget to make detailed comparisons between the offers of competing insurers. is the leading insurance comparison portal serving residents of Texas. Car insurance quotes from leading insurance companies are available on the site, are completely free and only take about 2 minutes. Just enter your zip code and begin saving money!

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