Texas Vehicle Registration

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Texas Vehicle Registration Process

Texas laws require the residents who own a vehicle to renew their vehicle registration annually. It can be done through mail or in person. Residents of some counties can do online registration as well. Whether you get a vehicle registered through mail or in person, you will have to show proof of current Texas auto insurance, with at least the minimum liability requirements.

Full-time students and active military members need to get their vehicles registered in Texas, even when they are living out of the state.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues registration renewal notices to the registered vehicle owners. For registration through mail, you have to send a renewal notice, proof of current auto liability insurance and a registration fee along with the mail-in fee.

When doing it in person, you need to submit the required documents along with the registration fee in the county tax office. New residents and the people whose registration has expired can only register in person.

In case you haven’t received the renewal notice, you can renew your registration using your vehicle license plate number, your vehicle identification number or your registration receipt from the previous year.

Out of State Texas Vehicle Registration

If you are a Texan currently living out of state, you need to register your vehicle in the state where you currently reside, unless you are a full-time student or active military member. In that case, your Texas vehicle registration will be done in the county tax office where you last lived.

If you have changed your address within Texas, you are required to update the tax office about the changes. It can be done by mailing a complete change of address form or in person at county tax office.

Vehicle Registration Notice on Sold Cars

If you have received a vehicle registration renewal notice after you have sold your car, it is because the record with the authority showed you as the owner. In such case, you need to file a vehicle transfer notification. You are required to file the transfer notice within 30 days of selling or trading your vehicle to get absolved of any responsibility for that vehicle. Note that filing the transfer notification does not transfer vehicle ownership. It simply removes your liability for the actions of the new owner.

Driving With an Expired Texas Vehicle Registration

Texas law permits your vehicle to be operated up to five working days after the registration expires without penalty. After the five day duration, you can receive a ticket of up to $200 for an expired registration.

The law disallows pocket bikes or toy motorbikes to be driven on roads, as most of these vehicles do not pass a state safety inspection. For any motorized vehicle to be titled, a secure Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin issued by a manufacturer registered with NHTSA is required. Mopeds that are on the approved list of mopeds maintained by The Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) can be registered.

All-terrain vehicles, equipped with a bench seat and not designed by the manufacturer for farm or lawn use, are required to be titled, but not registered. Off-highway motorcycles are also required to be titled, but not registered.

Boats are also required to be titled and registered, albeit the registration is with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The registration fee of the craft depends on the size, purpose and other variables of the car.

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