Texas Auto Insurance and Your Pet

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Do you bring your dog or cat along no matter where you go? Do you travel with horses or show dogs all around the state? No matter how safe an animal carrier, trailer or other restraints may seem it’s important to understand how car insurance companies’ deal with animals involved in auto accidents. Unfortunately, if you don’t give some thought to what will happen to your pet if a car crash occurs, it may be impossible to take proper care of your pet. Proper pet or animal insurance will help you deal with vet bills as well as ensure that your pet gets the best of care.

Pedigree, Show, and Working Animals

Consider a situation where you purchased a pedigree dog that has won a number of monetary awards for obedience trials. When an animal with some type of intrinsic value is injured or killed in a crash, the owner is entitled to receive financial compensation from the auto insurance company. This includes coverage for the cost of medical treatment, or replacing the animal if required.

Is My Family Pet Covered Under My Auto Insurance Policy?

If you have pets in your home, chances are you and other family members may not see them as monetary assets. In fact, if you have an animal without pedigree papers, or ones that don’t have special training, you may feel they are every bit as important and valuable as pedigree and service animals. Even though auto insurance carriers may sympathize with your emotional response to animals, they are not going to reimburse you for medical treatment if the animal has no tangibly recognized value.

Pet Health Insurance – Financial Matters for Your Pet after a Car Accident

Individuals that have been in a car crash are sure to realize that even minor ones can result in a great deal of pain and physical damage. Today, far too many people believe that animals feel little, if any pain when they are involved in a crash. When an animal is thrown against the walls of a carrier, they can and will suffer as much as we do upon slamming into a seat belt or some other object in the vehicle. Therefore, if you truly want to do the best thing for your pets, you should carry pet health insurance. As long as the policy includes coverage for injuries suffered during a car crash, you will be able to get all the help you need regardless of the animal’s breed or monetary value.

Changing the Current Situation

Over the years, many people have grown to believe that animals are every bit as sentient as humans. This, in turn, creates a situation where many feel that it is unfair for insurance companies to treat animals as objects instead of living beings. As with so many other things in the arena of insurance, you should consider writing to your politicians and asking for laws that prevent auto insurance carriers from denying claims for pets or animals injured in a crash. It may also be of some use to contact auto insurance companies and ask them to add optional animal treatment riders to policies for people that want this type of coverage.

Each day, thousands of car accidents include animal passengers. While humans involved in these crashes receive medical attention as a matter of routine, pet owners may not realize that animals may also require extensive and expensive medical treatment. At the very least, if you take cats, dogs, or other animals out in a motor vehicle, you should also make sure that you have some type of insurance in place to cover any injuries they may incur in an automobile accident.

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