How To Get Cheap Auto Insurance in Plano, TX

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Plano is located in North Texas and is the 9th largest city in Texas with a sizeable population of motorists. How the drivers in Plano can get their insurance premiums reduced, is discussed below.

The state laws of Texas have made auto insurance mandatory for all motorists in the state. The vehicle owners need insurance to prove their financial responsibility of owning and operating a vehicle in public. However, as most vehicle owners in the city of Plano rush to get their vehicles insured, they are taken aback by the huge premiums they are expected to pay on a monthly basis.

Factors that Affect the Premiums

That is when the search for ways to lower insurance premiums begin. While the formulas every company uses to calculate the premium to be paid by an individual are closely guarded, there are certain factors that affect the estimation of these premiums. These factors are many and varied, but we are listing the most common ones taken into consideration by insurance firms in Texas while preparing an insurance quote for a perspective client. Some of these factors may be out of your control, but some can be influenced by your actions.

1. Your age impacts your rates
If you are young or still in high school, prepare to be charged very high insurance rates. This is because insurance firms consider teenagers and youngsters to be both inexperienced on the roads as well as prone to rash driving. If you are older and have been driving for many years, then your premiums will be lower, as your experience behind the wheel makes you less likely to be in an accident. If you are 25 years and up and have a clean record, you will see your premiums go down every year.

2. Where you live matters to insurance companies
Where you live and park your vehicle overnight also has a huge impact on your auto insurance premiums. For instance, if you live near a freeway where there is a higher possibility of crashes; or if you live in the area which topped the list of maximum car thefts, then expect the rates to be higher. If you want to lower your premiums you have no other option but to move.

3. Your commute: long or short?
If you have to commute a certain distance daily, then your route and time on the road are considered while calculating your premium. So if you drive long distances, the payment for insurance coverage will be higher. With greater distance the probability of an accident increases. Never hide your commuting details: in case of an accident in your unreported daily commute, some insurers may deny you coverage.

4. Your gender and marital status: single or married?
Women are considered to be safer drivers so their quotes are lower. Married people are considered to be safer drivers as well.

5. Your vehicle – fancy or cheap?
The type of car you drive in Plano has a huge impact on premiums. If it is an easy maintenance car with lower repair costs, your premiums will be lower. Get a car with latest security features and see your premiums go down.

Keep in mind these factors affecting premium rates when you go out to buy auto insurance. Plano has many insurers and you must compare quotes online before choosing an insurer. offers a free auto insurance comparison portal, serving all of Texas including Plano. Auto insurance quotes from leading insurers are available just by entering your zip code and following the instructions.

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