How to Choose the Best Texas Auto Insurance

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The state of Texas requires every motorist to have at least the minimum required liability insurance, as a proof of financial responsibility. If you are buying Texas auto insurance for the first time, then you need to know how to choose an auto insurance company in Texas.

The First Step is to Consider Your Personal Situation

  • Do you have a loan? This will require full coverage auto insurance
  • Having no Loan allows only the required liability insurance
  • A vehicle low in value with no loan is a good option for the minimum required Texas auto insurance
  • Increasing your deductible will lower your payment, but increase out of pocket costs in the event of an accident. Can you afford a random $200-$300 if you were in an accident next month?

Before considering which auto insurance company to choose, it’s good to have an idea of what your needs are. Then approach companies who provide the type of cover you are looking for and at the rates that suit you.

Online Auto Insurance Quotes & Research

The internet is now the fastest and most complete way of doing this research, and you don’t ever feel the added pressure of an insurance salesman pitching you on things you don’t need, only to drive up their commission!

The online Texas auto insurance quote portal banner above allows you to simply enter your zip code and some basic details, and get up to eight auto insurance quotes from the top insurance providers in Texas. These quotes will be viewable on your computer and emailed to you. They will be from companies such as All State, Progressive, Geico, AARP, Nationwide and more.

Factors to Consider When Searching for Texas Auto Insurance

Here are the distinguishing factors that separate the right insurance company from the unsuitable ones. Make a note of them and follow them to arrive at the best suited insurance provider for you:

  • Customer Service
  • Local Agents
  • Claim Filing Process
  • Reputation

The Customer Service of the Company: reputed insurance providers are known for their excellent customer service. It is important that you must be treated right when you buy your auto policy.

However, good customer service is even more desirable in the ‘claiming a policy’ process. Your insurance company must have experts to handle your case when you are involved in an accident. Look for an insurer with a good support staff and dedicated claims call centers, with agents. The bottom line, the insurance team should be there for you wherever and whenever you need it.

The Local Agents of the Company

When you select or contact a company online, they usually send an agent over for further clarifications or at least give you a follow up call or email. So you must opt for companies with responsive and knowledgeable insurance agents. An agent is like your guide amidst the confusing insurance jargon and he can help in explaining what the right coverage is for you and help you decide what to buy. You can always compare quotes online in a faster way and judge for yourself what cover is right for you.

The Claim Filing Process of the Company

You must find a company where there is complete and absolute ease of filing in a claim. In the case of an accident, when you file for a claim, the company must show excellent speed of response. The company must respond to you promptly when you are in need of roadside assistance or need to file a claim. You must choose an insurer known for handling claims speedily, efficiently and professionally. Visit the Texas Department of Insurance to verify any insurance company’s performance and claim settling speed.

The Reputation of the Company

In the insurance industry, there are many providers who function way below the set industry standards, and you have to steer clear of such providers. So always rely on a company that has been in business for many years and has an excellent reputation. You can choose a company that has a long list of satisfied customers. Be sure to search the Better Business Bureau rating in your state for the insurance provider’s ratings. You can all do an online search for the company name and include the word “review” in the search term.


These are some criteria to help you choose a reputable Texas auto insurance company. Remember the number one key for finding affordable yet comprehensive auto insurance is to compare as many quotes as possible from reputed providers. Using the online Texas auto insurance quote portal will help ease the process of getting multiple quotes.

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