Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Texas

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How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Texas

The second largest state in the country by square miles, Texas is also the second most populated state in the United States. There are 29.5 million people in the state and more than 20 million registered vehicles. If you need to join the rank of Texas motorists, you need to get your car registered and you need an auto insurance coverage.

The state of Texas requires every motorist to have minimum liability coverage to drive safely on the roads. The coverage is called the 30/60/25 coverage, which refers to the auto insurance minimums a motorist is required to carry on his or her vehicle. Insurance is mandatory to help keep people safe on the road.

The high density of population and resulting traffic around major metropolitan areas such as Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, presents a high risk of accidents. The latest figures released by the Texas Department of Transportation once again prove that there is no guarantee of safety while driving on Texas.

Fatal and Non-Fatal Car Accidents in Texas

These are the crash data figures based on reportable crashes in the year 2020:

  • 1 person was killed every 2 hours 54 minutes on Texas roads
  • 1 person was wounded every 2 minutes 26 seconds on Texas roads
  • 1 reportable crash happened every 81 seconds.

The Department reports also reveal that the fatality rate on Texas roadways for 2020 was 1.29 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles traveled. This figure is better than that of 2019, as there is a recorded 3.73% decrease. In 2020 a reported 668 people were killed in accidents that happened at intersections, while 461 people were killed in head-on crashes.

Auto Insurance Quote Tools

These numbers should give you an idea of the huge risk you face when you are out on the road. The state of Texas is a Tort state. That means if you were involved in a crash and were proven to be responsible for it, then you would have to pay for all the damages occurred. This means paying for the medical expenses of the injured and repairing of all the damage done to vehicles and other properties. Paying this much from your pocket can wipe you out, therefore you need auto insurance in an adequate amount.

You should get a number of auto insurance quotes after you buy a new vehicle, or have moved to the state of Texas. You might also consider a new policy if you have added a teen driver to your policy, or have violated traffic norms and have received a traffic ticket or have been involved in an auto accident in the last six months.

Shop for Auto Insurance

As you get ready to buy insurance, the smart thing to do is explore as many options as you can. In the past, in order to get multiple quotes you had to call each insurance agent individually. But now the internet has made things much easier.

All you have to do is enter your zip code to the banner above or below, fill in online forms on these companies’ sites and get quotes on the spot. Its simple, and will help you compare multiple quotes in the comfort of your home. In many cases people are able to save up to 50% on insurance costs when using a comparison quote tool such as this.

Remember you must compare apples to apples, get the same coverage quotes from different insurance companies in Texas. Car insurance quote is determined by various insurance companies using a number of factors and their unique preferences to each factor. That is why you may receive widely different quotes and you have to choose the best suited one.

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