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Texas residents can get low cost auto insurance by shopping for it, just as they do for any other thing. Auto insurance companies offer discounts for an array of “insurance rate factors”. Knowing these factors, and using an online insurance quote comparison portal, will help you get auto insurance at the lowest rate possible.

Texas residents are required to carry 30/60/25 auto insurance. That is $30,000 per person for bodily injury, $60,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, and $25,000 per occurrence for property damage.

You also have to factor in that these are the liability auto insurance minimums, not necessarily the best for you. However, if you buy more insurance, it also means paying a higher premium. You’ll need to find ways to get low cost auto insurance in Texas.

Make sure that you don’t buy more than needed for the vehicle that is being covered. For instance, it makes little sense to have a collision auto policy in which the yearly premium is $1,200, but the value of the car is just $1,000.

Shop Around for Auto Insurance

Shop around for your auto insurance and look at other avenues just as you do when buying any other thing. The rates vary depending on the type and amount of coverage sought, and the kind of vehicle owned. It also depends on the insurance company you’ve chosen.

Know Your Auto Insurance Discount Factors

Auto insurance companies often offer discounts for:

  • Defensive driving courses (save 10%)
  • Drug and alcohol awareness classes (save 5%)
  • Multi-car policies
  • Combo policy deal
  • Installation of anti-theft devices in cars
  • Mature driver
  • Continual coverage
  • Driver’s education level
  • Good driving record
  • Good credit.
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Pursuance of defensive driving courses can save consumers up to a 10% discount while getting drug and alcohol awareness classes can lower insurance premiums by as much as 5%.

If you get several vehicles owned by you under the same policy or get a combo deal such as automobile and homeowner’s insurance clubbed, you can save a substantial amount. Installation of devices such as auto alarm systems, automatic seat belts and air bags could also help in getting discount. Vehicle owners who drive less than an established number of miles each year may also get insurance discounts.

Having good credit history also helps for getting cheaper auto insurance coverage. Make sure that you pay your bills on time and keep track of your credit score. The law provides every individual the right to check their credit history once a year without any charges. A good score could not only help you get cheaper insurance, but also cheaper loans.

The best way of getting low cost auto insurance in Texas is to know the options available in the market and to choose one that fits your needs. Taking 5-7 minutes of your time by entering your zip code in the insurance comparison portal below could save you hundreds of dollars in auto insurance. supports the residents get low cost auto insurance in Texas using comprehensive information available with them.

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