Get a Good Deal on Auto Insurance In Texas

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How to Get a Good Deal on Auto Insurance In Texas

In the state of Texas, or for that matter anywhere in the country, car ownership is expensive. Driving in public is a privilege and you have to assume financial responsibility for that. Buying car insurance is mandatory for a car owner in Texas, though some 20% of all drivers let their payments lapse. They eventually pay a heavy price thanks to a new tracking system, TexasSure.

Most vehicle owners in Texas flinch when the monthly insurance premium is extracted from their accounts. But by following the money-saving tips listed here, you can help yourself get a good deal on auto insurance very easily.

The Top 6 Tips for Saving Money on Auto Insurance

Tip 1

  • Be smart while choosing your car. Insurance companies judge every vehicle on various parameters. These include- the car’s engine size and the likely cost of its repairs in the event of an accident. Based on these parameters the insurers divide the cars in to high and low insurance groups. There are resources available online where you can learn about which car falls in which insurance group and then choose a low insurance car that suits your taste. Do not doll up your car with additions like wheel trims as this will lead to your premiums being spiked. The bottom line is to buy a low maintenance car as it will be inexpensive to drive as well as get insured.

Tip 2

  • Limit your mileage. Insurance companies judge the risk involved with a driver by calculating their commute and time on the road. So the more time you spend on the road, you are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident than someone who commutes on weekends only. Tell your insurance company if you have low driving requirements and have a low mileage, and it can surely lead to a lower premium. Do not hide any of your commute details because some companies may not compensate you if you have an accident in an area not defined in your commute.

Tip 3

  • Get “pay as you go insurance”. A mileage-based insurance policy will allow you to save more. Drivers in Texas, who drive relatively few miles or avoid driving during rush hour, can hope to get their insurances lowered with pay as you go car insurance. Simply get a meter or a tracking device in your car and as the insurer will monitor your driving habits, you will only pay for the insurance you need.

Tip 4

  • Be a good driver. Driving in Texas is a privilege and you must drive responsibly to keep your driving record clean. If there are violations listed against you, your premiums will go up as you will be a ‘high risk’ driver for insurance companies.

Tip 5

  • Raise your deductibles. If you can afford to raise your deductibles, then your insurance provider will gladly reduce your insurance premiums. The insurer will have the assurance of having to pay a lesser amount in case of an accident and you will be left with lower annual premiums for the same coverage.

Tip 6

  • Buy online. Yes, looking for quotes online is the smartest way to lower premiums. Insurance providers are in stiff competition and in their attempt to oust the competition, they can offer Texas vehicle owners further discounts. So spend some time online and make comparisons between the quotes for same coverage being offered by different insurers and arrive at the best deal. Use the portal on this site, just enter your zip code and in about 3 minutes you can have comparison quotes from leading national insurance companies.

Follow these tips while searching for a good deal on auto insurance in Texas and you will find your insurance costs reduced considerably. provides the leading insurance comparison portal serving residents of Texas. Auto insurance quotes from leading insurance companies are available on the site.

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