Full Coverage Car Insurance in Texas

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If you are a car owner in Texas, then you need auto insurance. And one term that frequently pops up during insurance discussions is ‘full coverage’. What does it mean exactly, and how can you choose the right amount of coverage is discussed below.

To understand ‘full coverage’ let’s begin with the basic requirement of a Texas insurance policy, that all registered vehicles must carry at least auto liability insurance. In Texas, the minimum auto liability limits have been defined as: Bodily Injury Liability, $30,000 per person and $60,000 for all injured in one accident. Property Damage Liability, $25,000 per accident.

In Texas, you have to pay for the physical and property damage caused in an accident, if you are proven to be responsible for the crash. That is why for bodily injury liability, you must get a policy which is higher than the minimum limits for liability. So, ‘higher coverage’ becomes essential here. Now, ‘full coverage’ also includes property damage. This property damage can be covered by two types of ‘coverage’ available.

Collision Auto Insurance

Collision coverage is to protect your car if it collides with another object or is turned over. The insurance will pay for the damages done to your car irrespective of you being at fault for the accident or not. In this coverage, you have to choose a deductible- which is an initial amount you have to pay for the damage repair of your car and the insurer pays the rest.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Comprehensive or the “other than collision” Coverage – this is to protect your vehicle from all types of risks other than just a collision. So, with this coverage, your car is insured against theft, vandalism, animal, or natural causes. Here also, you have to define a comprehensive deductible.

The above explained coverage options are your ‘minimum full coverage’ insurance deals. But if you like to be secured better, then you can maximize your coverage net to include these coverage options too.

Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments

Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments coverage protects you in case of an injury as well as pays up to 80% of lost income to you and other passengers injured while in your vehicle. The coverage for each person per accident starts at a minimum $2500 and is applicable irrespective of who caused the accident. This coverage is not mandatory by Texas law, but is an option for additional safety. Medical payments coverage will pay for medical expenses for you or your passenger injured in an accident. There is no set minimum limit available for this coverage.

Uninsured Motorists Coverage

Uninsured Motorists Coverage or ‘Full Coverage’ auto insurance can also include uninsured motorists’ protection- to protect you and your passengers if you collide with a party that does not have insurance or have insufficient insurance. The coverage is defined in split limits for bodily injury and property damage. In Texas, uninsured motorist coverage includes bodily injury and property damage; and the latter carries a $250 deductible.

Towing Coverage

With towing coverage you get to be reimbursed for calling roadside assistance to start your car, or tow it out of a ditch or take out the keys locked inside.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Rental reimbursement coverage is the inclusion of a rental car in the case of your own vehicle being damaged, and being repaired after an accident. So, you are protected while in the rental car, while your insurance pays for your own car’s repairs.

Full Coverage Insurance

‘Full Coverage’ can only be determined by your requirements and whether you are looking for auto insurance in Dallas or anywhere else in the state of Texas, always rely on well known insurance providers.

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