Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Dallas, TX

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First of all, understand that every resident of Dallas and the entire state of Texas are required by law to buy car insurance, it is not a choice. A Dallas resident must have a car insurance policy from an accredited Texas auto insurance company. Most national companies are easy to find online and represent Dallas residents as well.

When getting auto insurance quotes, the easiest method is to use an online auto insurance quote comparison portal. It sounds complicated, but all you do is enter some basic information and you can get quotes from multiple auto insurance companies in less than 3 minutes. Given the traffic congestion in Dallas, auto insurance quotes are best gathered online.

Dallas auto insurance is required for all persons who wish to legally drive in the city and state. The state has imposed minimum amounts of liability coverage that all drivers must carry on their vehicles at all times. This insurance covers the costs of damages to the other parties involved in an accident, if you are determined to be at fault.

Auto insurance rates average $2,661 each year for Dallas residents. Keep in mind that these prices vary amongst each driver. The amount paid to insure your vehicle could be higher or lower than this figure. Car insurance companies use many “insurance rate factors” such as age, type of vehicle being insured, previous driving history, education level and insurance history to determine how much your auto insurance premiums will be.

Some people find that auto insurance is a waste of money, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Auto accidents cost billions of dollars each year, and their costs can quickly rise to thousands of dollars. These costs would be paid out of pocket if their were no auto insurance policies in place for drivers in Dallas.

Auto insurance is required by law in Texas, so whether a driver thinks it’s a waste of money or not, not getting it will lead to problems. It is estimated that all drivers will be involved in at least one fender bender in their life, and it can happen at any time.

Dallas Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

Dallas’ mandatory auto insurance minimums are the same as the state minimums. They are:

  • $30,000 for bodily injury or death to one person per accident
  • $60,000 for bodily injury or death to two or more persons per accident
  • $25,000 for damage or destruction to other property in an accident.

If you are involved in an auto accident in Dallas, it’s important to know that Texas is a “tort” state – in other words – in someone is determined to be “at-fault”. The “at-fault” driver must pay the other for damages, and hopefully the total sum of the damages will be coverage by your auto insurance premiums. You will have to pay the deductible out of pocket regardless and the balance due is paid by your insurance company.

In the event the damages you caused are greater than the state insurance minimums listed above, you will have to pay the extra costs out of pocket.

How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance Rates in Dallas

The national average insurance premium for personal car insurance is $1,915. The average insurance premium in Texas overall is $1,979, not too much higher. The good news is you can reduce your insurance rates dramatically by shopping for quotes.

Although this sounds daunting, our online insurance quote portal enables you to do it in less than 3 minutes. Simply enter your zip code and some basic information and you can get up to eight auto insurance quotes and save up to 50% on your overall auto insurance costs.

Getting affordable car insurance in Dallas, Texas is easy once you understand how to make the best of the internet. Increasing the deductible is one additional means to lessen your insurance premium costs. You may have to pay $500 or $1,000 in the event of an accident, but you’ll be betting on yourself to be a safe driver and the payoff if you “win the bet” can be substantial.

Men Cause More Auto Accidents in Dallas

Men are responsible for the majority of accidents in the Dallas area, therefore, their auto insurance rates will be higher. Statistics show that men cause almost twice as many accidents as women. In addition, drivers who are under 25 years of age are considered “high risk” drivers and will pay higher insurance rates.

Save Money on Auto Insurance in Dallas

One way to ensure that you are always paying the lowest possible rate is to obtain multiple Dallas auto insurance quotes. Quotes can be obtained online using our portal above. Just enter your zip code and you can get up to eight insurance quotes from different companies in about 3 minutes. Doing so could save up to 50% on your auto insurance premiums. These online insurance quotes allow you to easily compare prices amongst several companies from the comfort of your home, and allow you to always get the best rates.

Dallas auto insurance quotes have helped drivers in the area rake in savings of as much as 50%! That’s as much as $500 in a year! Who wouldn’t like to save such a large chunk of money? It takes less than 3 minutes, with tremendous savings to be had.

A final way to save on your auto insurance is to take advantage of the great discounts offered by auto insurance companies. These discounts offer savings of as much as 40%. There are plenty of discounts available, including multi-policy, adding safety features to the vehicle, and loyal customer discounts.

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