5 Best Insurance Companies In Texas


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Texas insurance has tremendously grown and is possible to get any kind of insurance cover within the many local companies that are reputably known. Most of these companies not only offer very attractive premiums but also provide the best insurance prices and services terms that guarantees total recovery and good customer relationship. Below is a description of some of these insurance companies in Texas and why they are among the best not only in the state, but also across the country.

Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Insurance Companies In Texas: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyThis is absolutely one of the top most workers’ compensation insurance companies in the state insuring more than 40% of the Texas workers in the market. Texas Mutual Insurance Company is driven by the motive to provide competitive compensation, prices and benefits as well as a stable and competitive source of workers’ compensation insurance and to help prevent on-the-job injuries and illnesses. This company is recognized for its strong financial performance, with a financial strength rating of “A” according to A.M. Best. Based on this statistic, it is undoubtedly one of the top insurance companies in Texas that you should consider.

Statistics and Facts:

  • Texas Mutual Insurance Company is the largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance in Texas
  • The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas
  • They serve over 70,000 policyholders and insure approximately 1.5 million workers in Texas.

Trends and Data:

  • Texas Mutual has been at the forefront of promoting workplace safety and injury prevention
  • They offer various resources, including safety training, to help policyholders reduce workplace accidents
  • Texas Mutual has consistently maintained a strong financial rating, ensuring they can meet their claims obligations.


  • If you operate a business in Texas, consider Texas Mutual for your workers’ compensation insurance needs
  • Take advantage of their safety resources to create a safer work environment for your employees.

Texas Farmers Insurance Company

car insurance companies in Texas: Texas Farmers Insurance CompanyLocated in Austin, Texas farmers is one of the leading insurer companies in Texas providing fire and casualty insurance cover and with an asset of more than 3million dollars. The company is reputable for offering Airplane insurance, boat insurance, auto insurance, business and home insurance and enabling the policy holders successfully make total recovery in case of an accident.

Statistics and Facts:

  • Texas Farmers Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance Group, one of the largest insurers in the United States
  • They offer a wide range of insurance products, including auto, home, life, and business insurance
  • The company has a substantial presence in Texas with numerous local agents.

Trends and Data:

  • Texas Farmers Insurance Company frequently adapts its policies to meet the evolving needs of Texas residents
  • They have a reputation for responsive claims processing
  • Farmers Insurance Group is known for its disaster response efforts in the state, helping policyholders recover from natural disasters.


  • Consider bundling your insurance policies with Texas Farmers for potential discounts
  • Farmers’ local agents can provide personalized insurance guidance.

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Company

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance CompaniesLocated in Waco, this is rated the largest Texas based insurance company providing auto, home /property, life, farm/ ranch and health insurance cover. The company serves approximately more than 350,000 customers and their families and is ranked “excellent” by A.M. best. Basically, these companies comprise a group of companies comprising of mutual insurance company, casualty insurance company, and Bureau underwriters insurance company, located in Texas.

Statistics and Facts:

  • Texas Farm Bureau Insurance is an independent insurance company that serves members of the Texas Farm Bureau
  • They offer a variety of insurance products, including auto, home, farm, and ranch insurance
  • The company’s focus is on serving rural and agricultural communities in Texas.

Trends and Data:

  • Texas Farm Bureau Insurance has strong ties to the agricultural sector and often tailors policies to meet the unique needs of farmers and ranchers
  • They emphasize community involvement and support local initiatives.


  • If you are involved in farming or ranching in Texas, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance may be a suitable choice for your insurance needs
  • Consider exploring their farm and ranch insurance options for specialized coverage.

State Farm Lloyds Insurance Company

State Farm Lloyds Insurance CompanyLloyds is located in Dallas, Texas, and is among the most excellent insurance providers providing cover for airplane insurance, auto insurance, boat insurance, business insurance, health and home insurance. The company has a good financial record with more than 3million total assets and has a good reputation for settling claims and providing successful recovery.

Statistics and Facts:

  • State Farm Lloyds Insurance Company is a subsidiary of State Farm Insurance, one of the largest auto and home insurance providers in the U.S.
  • They provide property insurance coverage, including homeowners and renters insurance, in Texas
  • State Farm has a vast network of agents throughout the state.

Trends and Data:

  • State Farm is known for its robust online and mobile app services for policy management and claims processing
  • The company frequently updates its coverage options to adapt to changing customer needs.


  • State Farm Lloyds is a trusted choice for property insurance in Texas
  • Take advantage of their digital tools for convenience in managing your policies.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Cheap Car Insurance in Texas: Liberty mutual Insurance CompanyLiberty Mutual insurance is rated the third largest property and casualty insurer in the United States by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This Company offers full line of insurance products including auto, life and home insurance cover as well as personal liability. Since 1912, the company has grown to gain a good reputation in settling claims and enabling the policy holders make successful recovery of the properties insured in case of an accident.

Statistics and Facts:

  • Liberty Mutual is a Fortune 100 company and one of the largest property and casualty insurers in the U.S.
  • They offer a wide range of insurance products, including auto, home, renters, and business insurance
  • Liberty Mutual has a strong national and regional presence, including in Texas.

Trends and Data:

  • The company is known for its customizable insurance policies and coverage options
  • Liberty Mutual frequently conducts research to understand emerging risks and offer innovative solutions.


  • Liberty Mutual is an excellent choice for those seeking a variety of insurance coverage options
  • Explore their extensive discounts and policy customization features to tailor coverage to your needs.

These companies are some of the top providers in Texas, offering exceptional insurance services, competitive premium rates, and outstanding customer support. The insurance industry in Texas is widely regarded as one of the most competitive in the nation, with a strong track record of settling claims for clients across a wide range of coverage options, all at highly competitive rates.

When selecting an insurer, consider your specific requirements, whether it’s workers’ compensation, property insurance, auto insurance, or other coverage types, and compare quotes and policy features to find the best fit for your situation. Additionally, stay informed about the latest industry trends and make use of available resources to make well-informed insurance decisions.

These providers stand out as among the best insurance companies in Texas!

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Top 3 SR-22 Insurance Companies in Texas


SR-22 insurance, also known as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) in Texas, is a vital requirement for drivers who have committed serious traffic violations or have had their licenses suspended or revoked. This certificate serves as proof that you meet the state’s minimum auto insurance coverage requirements. If you’re in need of SR-22 insurance in Texas, it’s crucial to choose a reliable provider. In this post, we’ll explore the top three SR-22 insurance companies in Texas, highlighting their statistics, facts, trends, data, and offering valuable tips for finding the best coverage.


Geico InsuranceGEICO, or Government Employees Insurance Company, is a well-established insurance provider that offers SR-22 insurance in Texas. Known for its affordability and customer service, GEICO has become a popular choice among drivers seeking SR-22 coverage.

Statistics and Facts:

  • GEICO is one of the largest auto insurance providers in the United States
  • The company has received high customer satisfaction ratings
  • GEICO offers competitive rates for SR-22 insurance in Texas.

Why Choose GEICO for SR-22 Insurance in Texas?

  • GEICO provides affordable rates even for drivers with SR-22 requirements
  • Their online platform makes it easy to obtain quotes and manage policies
  • The company has a strong financial stability rating.


Progressive InsuranceProgressive is another reputable insurer that offers SR-22 insurance in Texas. With a strong presence in the state and a commitment to innovation, Progressive has gained a reputation for catering to high-risk drivers.

Statistics and Facts:

  • Progressive is one of the largest auto insurers in the U.S.
  • They offer a variety of coverage options for drivers with SR-22 requirements
  • The company’s tool allows customers to customize their premiums.

Why Choose Progressive for SR-22 Insurance in Texas?

  • Progressive provides flexible coverage options to meet individual needs
  • Their online tools and mobile app streamline policy management and claims filing
  • Progressive’s Snapshot program can result in significant savings for safe drivers.


The General InsuranceThe General is a specialized auto insurance company that often caters to drivers who face challenges obtaining coverage elsewhere. They are known for offering SR-22 insurance in Texas and other high-risk auto insurance options.

Statistics and Facts:

  • The General has a strong presence in Texas and serves high-risk drivers
  • They offer competitive rates for SR-22 insurance
  • The company has a straightforward application process.

Why Choose The General for SR-22 Insurance in Texas?

  • The General specializes in providing coverage to drivers with challenging circumstances
  • They offer quick and accessible SR-22 insurance solutions
  • The application process is simple and tailored to high-risk drivers’ needs.

Tips for Finding the Best SR-22 Insurance in Texas

  1. Compare Multiple Quotes: To find the most affordable SR-22 insurance, obtain quotes from several providers and compare rates and coverage options
  2. Understand the Requirements: Make sure you understand the SR-22 requirements specific to your situation, as they can vary based on your violation
  3. Check for Discounts: Some insurers may offer discounts or bundle policies to help you save money on your SR-22 insurance
  4. Research Customer Reviews: Look for customer reviews and ratings to gauge the level of service and customer satisfaction provided by the insurer
  5. Evaluate Customer Service: Excellent customer service is crucial when dealing with SR-22 insurance. Choose a company known for its responsiveness and helpfulness.

Top SR-22 Insurance Companies in Texas: Regaining Your Driving Privileges

If you require SR-22 insurance in Texas, it’s essential to choose a reliable and affordable provider. The top three SR-22 insurance companies mentioned in this article – GEICO, Progressive, and The General – offer quality coverage options and have strong reputations in the industry. Remember to do your research, obtain multiple quotes, and consider your unique circumstances when selecting the best SR-22 insurance company to help you regain your driving privileges and stay on the road legally and responsibly.

How To Obtain Affordable Auto Insurance In Texas

Traffic stop for DUI checking

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Like in many other states, obtaining an auto insurance in Texas is vitally important to cover against unforeseen circumstances, for instance, if you have to make a claim after any truck accident. Most of us understand well how ridiculously expensive these car insurances can be. However, you can avoid excessive coverage that demand larger deductible, so, opt for an affordable auto insurance which will also adequately protect you.

Always keep a reputable driving record along with a credit record as either may be useful in finding you a real deal on the market. For certainty, contact Texas Department of Motor Vehicle to be brought up to speed on any pending case or charges of your driving record. Make sure to promptly act to straighten things up while going for a credit report to clean up your flaws.
Find out the set coverage required for automobile owners to carry online from the Texas Department of Insurance to evaluate and determine the type of coverage that best fits. Basically, it relies on how much you can comfortably afford and how much you can willingly lose. It is wise to overly cover your automobile in case of an expensive accident by carrying enough liability; avoid putting other assets at risk like house and other valuable possession.

Search and shop around Texas insurance agencies for quotes that you have settled down for rather than going round asking. Compare the rates with what leading insurance offer, filling your data on our tool above this page. Find out if you can get a discount. This list may cut down your cost of auto insurance in Texas: multiple-insured vehicles, automatic seatbelt, antilock brakes, air bags, antitheft devices, vehicle status, marital status and clean driving record. Seek more clarification from the carrier, whether pursuing for a car insurance claim raises premium or not, circumstances that revoke the cover.

auto insurance in texasCarry out an extensive research on prospective insurers to learn well the quality of the company’s services. Read reviews, interact with repair shops and existing customers to know their perspective about the insurance company. Also, the state’s department of insurance ratings, national and business bureau statistics to help make an informed decision. The company has to be among the best so that following claim does not become a futzing encounter.

After selecting one, there is still need to read and understand the policy before signing it. See if it offers the desired coverage and no hidden clauses whatsoever. At any cost keep off arbitration clauses that bars you from filing a suit against the insurer if it is not claimable. You can do it by asking the insurer to elide the clause or look for another auto insurance in Texas. Now, make sure to keep the policy in a secure place for future reference and always drive with proof of insurance.

Finally, if your car has been in an accident, vandalized or stolen, promptly contact the police. Remember not to interfere with a scene of crime in case of breakage or vandalism. The police should issue you with a crime reference number that you will forward to the insurer.

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Buy Texas Auto Insurance Online


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The Benefits of Buying Texas Auto Insurance Online

When it comes to saving money, we at Texas Auto Insurance applaud everyone who takes a few extra minutes out of their day to focus on saving their hard earned cash. And finding savings on auto insurance in Texas is not as a big a challenge as it used to be, thanks to online quote tools like the one provided here.

The service we provide for those seeking to save money on auto insurance is fairly simple. We help streamline your search for the cheapest auto insurance in Texas, by linking to the top auto insurance companies through our “online quote tool”.

Naturally the auto insurance companies would prefer you go straight to their website and get a quote, if I was them I’d want the same thing. Why? Because then you wouldn’t realize that each auto insurance company has a different set of “factors” to determine the “risk” of insuring you.

Texas Auto Insurance Quotes – Like Playing Poker

You are essentially a poker hand to the auto insurance company. What you enter into the brief questionnaire shows the strength of you, or the “poker hand”.

A Strong Poker Hand = Cheap Auto Insurance Rates

If you have…

  • A great driving record
  • Are a middle aged college graduate
  • Have a stellar credit rating
  • Work from home and rarely drive the mid-class boring 4-door sedan you own

…then you are a “great poker hand”, and the auto insurance company is willing to pay more for you. They pay more by charging you less for your Texas auto insurance premiums.

A Weak Poker Hand = High Auto Insurance Rates

On the other “hand” if you are:

  • 21 years old
  • Have been convicted of a DUI
  • Dropped out of high school
  • Have filed for bankruptcy
  • And love that job you drive your Ford Mustang 82 miles to everyday

… then you have a “terrible poker hand” and the auto insurance company is not willing to bet much on you. In this case your auto insurance rates will be substantially higher, meaning you pay a high price for being a poor risk or “bad bet”.

Beat the Odds

Whether you are a great or terrible hand though, shopping online for the best auto insurance rates is critical to saving money. In order to get started, simply enter your zip code, if you are currently insured or not, if you are a homeowner or not and what your age is.

You are asked these initial questions for these reasons:

  • ZIP CODE: Your zip code determines what insurance companies will provide the quotes (usually there are 8 that compete for your business)
  • INSURED STATUS: If you are currently insured it is an instant measure of you and what risk you are. If you are not insured it means one of two things. That you are a teenager or young adult and this is your first time getting auto insurance (high risk). Or that you let your auto insurance lapse, either for financial reasons or as a personal choice (high risk)
  • You are asked if you are a HOMEOWNER because if you are, you are a better risk (statistically more responsible) and because there is a chance that you may get homeowner’s insurance in addition to new auto insurance. If you are a homeowner or a renter you will likely be able to get quotes on this type of insurance too. Doing so is called “insurance bundling” and is one of many ways to reduce your auto insurance rates
  • Finally you are asked your AGE because it is a direct correlation to the risk level that you are. The very young or very old are higher risk drivers than middle aged drivers.

Based on the 15 seconds it takes to input the information above (zip code, age, insured and homeowner status), our comparison tool chooses the most appropriate auto insurance companies in Texas for you. Some specialize in the very young, or old, while others are best at serving low risk drivers. Up to the top 8 choices will be provided once you fill the blue form.

Online Auto Insurance Quote Process

After clicking on the form, you will be taken to a page with links to the eight or so Texas auto insurance providers best suited for you based on your input. For each, you’ll enter some basic information that only takes a few minutes. This information will include your address, marital status, make and model of your car, second driver etc. All of the things needed to give you an accurate quote.

After a few more quick clicks you will be given an instant online quote. You simply save this information and then do it for a 2nd, 3rd 4th time and so on… How many quotes you choose to get is up to you, but the more you get the more likely you will find the greatest amount of savings.

Make $2000 an Hour

Once you’ve compared all of the quotes provided, simply choose the one you want and start celebrating. Many people save hundreds of dollars by spending a few spare minutes in this process. We all do get stressed and as the pressure mounts, comparing Texas auto insurance rates might not seem like the best use of your time. But if you spend 10 minutes in the process (reading this article and getting the quotes) and save $500, that’s the equivalent to $2000 an hour! Now… go on and get your new Texas auto insurance quotes, you are worth $2000 an hour!

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Texas Auto Insurance


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Texas Auto Insurance – Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Texas

Here, and throughout “SR22Texas.org” we provide up-to-date information and news on current Texas auto insurance laws and upcoming changes. Peruse our articles, from general information on required Texas car insurance, to specific information on DWIs, reckless driving, teen driver and text messaging laws. Then, save a ton of money by comparing auto insurance quotes from the top eight insurance companies in Texas.

Auto insurance companies like Geico, AllState, AAA, AARP, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive and more all provide truly great / cheap auto insurance quotes through our free online auto insurance quote comparison portal.

To be honest, we believe they offer the service, but hope you don’t take advantage of it. Simply put, seven have higher rates than one… so getting just one quote may not save you the most money. Taking a few extra minutes out of your day to get more than one quote through our comparison tool could save you hundreds of dollars a year on auto insurance. Getting multiple quotes is truly worth the time. Three to Five minutes of your time for a savings $500 is the equivalent of earning $2000 in one hour – are you worth it? We think so!

Texas Auto Insurance

First Time Acquiring Auto Insurance Policy in Texas

An individual seeking to acquire an auto insurance policy in Texas for the first time might feel like the conditions, terms, regulations and rules relevant to every insurance law are the same for every US state.

The fact is that Texas car insurance law isn’t the same as all other states in the Country. This may seem absurd initially, but each state regulates their own insurance laws and therefore none are exactly the same.

The first and the most significant point of divergence between Texas car insurance law and some other states is the minimum mandatory insurance policy required. Each state has a different amount of minimums, and some states are “at-fault” states, while others are “no-fault” states.

Texas Car Insurance: How To Save Money

We all know the best way to save money is to shop around. The problem is time; we all have so little of it to spare. With the blue box above, you can shop for the cheapest Texas auto insurance in about 10 minutes, and get car insurance quotes from up to 8 of the most nationally recognized auto insurance companies in the US.

You have two alternatives when shopping online for auto insurance in Texas:

  1. Go to every Texas auto insurance provider’s website and get a quote
  2. Go to one website and get up to eight car insurance quotes in 5-10 minutes.

Let’s assume you choose option number two. The process is simple. Enter your zip code, current Texas car insurance status (insured or not), your homeowner status and your age and click the button.

From there you will be taken to a page that is https secured and launces you to each car insurance website you want to get an insurance quote from. For each car insurance company, the questions are more or less the same, so as you repeat the process for all eight, you’ll find that it’s fairly quick and easy to get the cheapest Texas car insurance quotes available.

Is it worth 10-15 minutes of your time to get the cheapest Texas car insurance quotes? Let’s do the math. Even on the high side if the process takes you 15 minutes and you save $500 – it’s the equivalent of earning $2,000 an hour – all to save money on car insurance, a pretty good use of your time. Now let’s assume you keep the same car insurance for the next five years and your rates don’t change – now you’ve earned $10,000 an hour.

Another way to look at your potential Texas car insurance savings is to just add it up. If you save $500 on your car insurance rates for five years, that’s a total savings of $2500. No matter how you look at it, finding the time to shop around for the cheapest Texas car insurance rates will save you money, potentially a lot of money. The problem is… most people don’t begin the process, they wait and then the urge to save dissipates.

We recommend you waste no more time and start shopping for savings on your car insurance in Texas right now. Enter your zip code in the banner above, there is no time like the present!

Texas Auto Insurance: Minimum Liability Requirements

  • $30,000 for bodily injury or death to one person per accident
  • $60,000 for bodily injury or death to two or more persons per accident
  • $25,000 for damage or destruction to other property in an accident

In the state of Texas every personal and business vehicle owner must have general liability insurance coverage to meet the state’s “financial responsibility” minimums. You are required coverage of $30,000 for each injured person, up to a total of $60,000 for all injuries per accident and $25,000 for property damage per accident.

On occasion these minimum coverage amounts may fall short in the case of a serious car accident. If you are considered “at-fault” for the damage, then you will have to pay your deductible and any amount above your maximum payouts. If you have the state minimum requirements, the “maximum” payouts are listed above.

Consumer Reports suggests that a general guideline for adequate bodily injury liability limits is $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident, plus $100,000 for property damage. This much coverage will be paid by your insurance company for the damages incurred in an accident you are held liable for. It is also recommended in order to all risks, that you also get a $100,000 uninsured motorist policy. This will cover your medical costs and pay for bodily injury liability when someone with no coverage hits you.

Learn more about the mandatory Texas auto insurance requirements.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Laws

If you drink and drive, your Texas auto insurance rates will sky rocket. Just a few years ago, Texas was considered the “DWI State”. In 2018, there were more deaths in drunk driving accidents (1,677) than in any other US State. Now it has some of the Country’s toughest drunk driving laws. If you are stopped by an officer for suspicion of DWI, they will most likely ask you to take a field sobriety test and a chemical test.

There are three field sobriety tests in Texas:

  • The horizontal gaze test
  • The walk and turn test
  • The one leg stand.

These tests are designed to measure your physical and mental acuteness. If asked to take these tests, you have the right to politely decline. The officer may also ask you to take a chemical test as well. This test is usually administered to measure you Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC).

Texas law basically states that whenever you drive you are consenting to take an alcohol or drug test if a police officer deems it necessary. If you do not consent (even politely) to the chemical test after 41 days, your license will be suspended for 180 days.

There are two definitions of DWI in Texas:

  1. When the person driving does not have “normal use of mental or physical faculties – because of the introduction of alcohol, a controlled substance, drug or a combination of two or more of these substances in the body
  2. Having a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher.

If you like to save money, it’s a bad idea to get a DWI. If you do you can be sure your auto insurance rates will rise. Learn more about DUI Laws – including first, second and third DWI offense penalties.

SR22 “Insurance” Certificate Requirements

If a person is convicted of DWI or other high risk moving violations, it’s likely that they’ll need an SR22 Certificate to get their license back. Technically, SR-22 “Insurance” – as most people refer to it, is a certificate showing proof that the minimum amount of in state Texas auto insurance required by law, has in fact been purchased.

When you file an SR22 form, your license will be reinstated after a suspension or it may be used to prevent the suspension from occurring if filed within 30 days of the directive.

The SR-22 certificate, which again is technically not Texas auto insurance, is issued in one of three forms:

  • Operator’s Certificate – Motorists operating non-owned vehicles can get the policy
  • Owner’s Certificate – Drivers operating owned vehicles can buy an owner’s certificate
  • Operators-Owners Certificate – The policy covers all vehicles owned or non-owned by the driver.

Learn more about Texas SR22 certificate requirements.

Distracted Driver Laws

Your Texas auto insurance rates are not directly affected by the distracted driver laws. In fact, there is no state-wide ban on cell phone use or texting, except in school zones and for teenage drivers. If you do violate the distracted driver laws and are penalized, it will go on your driving record. When this happens in Texas, auto insurance rates rise.

The law specifically states:

  • Drivers under the age of 18 are not allowed to use wireless communications devices at all (calling or texting)
  • Learners permit holders cannot use handheld cell phones until they have completed the first six months of driving
  • School bus drivers cannot use cell phones while driving if there are children riding in the bus
  • Drivers of all motor vehicles are not allowed to use handheld devices in school crossing zones.

Be wary though, because some Texas local towns and cities have passed cell phone prohibition laws specific to their towns.

Some cities with their own cell phone banning laws are:

  • Alvin
  • Amarillo
  • Burnet
  • El Paso
  • McAllen
  • Missouri City
  • San Antonio
  • Stephenville

TexasSure – The Texas Auto Insurance Verification Program

While most residents comply with the Texas auto insurance legal requirements, some motorists do not (about 20%). This is why the state government has come up with the program TexasSure. This program is designed to verify a driver has the proper auto insurance in Texas at all times.

The Department of Public Safety, local law enforcement, and state vehicle registration offices verify the validity of proper Texas auto insurance coverage by cross-referencing the information with insurers.

TexasSure is also known as the State of Texas Financial Responsibility Verification Program. It is a joint venture with regards to Texas auto insurance, that is directed by the 79th Texas Legislature and created by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV), and the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR).

The State implemented this program to make the process of weeding out uninsured drivers faster. With the program, the process of verifying whether a vehicle is insured or not can be done fairly quickly by the law enforcement officers and designated state users.

With this immediate auto insurance verification made possible by TexasSure, errant drivers that carry fraudulent or false proof of coverage, will be easily caught by law enforcement officers. Motorists who get a valid auto insurance and then drop it later, can also be easily caught and punished.

With this program, the state is working steadily towards its goal to lower the number of uninsured motorists. As per the Texas Department of Insurance, there are roughly 20% of vehicles on the roads with no Texas auto insurance at any given time. Weeding out these uninsured drivers is made easier by TexasSure, which provides instant access to up-to-date coverage information on any given vehicle to the law enforcement agencies and others.

The process of TexasSure begins when a motorist becomes an auto insurance policy holder, the insurance company reports that information to the state. The state is also informed of dropped auto insurance policies or even lapsed coverage. This means that the enforcement agencies have the latest proof of financial responsibility information of every licensed driver in the Lone Star State.

How To Lower Your Texas Auto Insurance Rates

If you live in Texas, auto insurance can be expensive. To lower them, keep in mind certain “factors”. Your driving record says a lot about your character, and this affects your auto insurance rates. Observe all the rules and be considerate to fellow drivers. Avoiding accident creating situations will reduce the chance of making insurance claims. If you have no history of claims, then your rates will be lower. Apart from keeping your driving record impeccable, check out these other factors too.

Your Credit Score: Paying your bills on time will increase your credit score. If your auto insurance company feels you can be trusted and that you are “a good bet”, then your premiums be lower.

All for One Auto Insurance Coverage: If you have more than one vehicle, it literally pays to have one auto insurance company cover both (or all three) vehicles. When you encompass your auto, home and other items that need coverage, your rates will be even lower.

Raise the Deductible: The deductible is the amount that the policy holder is willing to pay out of his or her pocket when there is a claim. If you are willing to pay a higher deductible – you are gauging your own risk (betting on yourself) – and your premiums will be lower.

Read the top 10 ways to save money on Texas auto insurance rates

Learn more about the minimum coverage requirements for Texas auto insurance

Teen Driver Laws

For teen drivers, Texas has created a graduated driver license program. It was created to reduce the rate of teen driving accidents and help keep others safe on the road. The graduated license program in Texas works in two phases of driving requirements. Each phase defines the prohibitions and education requirements for teenage (younger than 18 years) drivers.

Texas auto insurance rates for teen are higher than the average adult, because teens are considered “high risk” drivers. With the GDL program, teen driving accidents may be reduced over time and the Texas auto insurance rates for younger drivers may go down.

Learn more about the teen driving laws in Texas, and the graduated driver license program.

Online Texas Auto Insurance Quotes and Coverage Options

There are so many car insurance companies in Texas that most people are baffled by the many choices and options available. It’s not physically possible (for most people) to visit each company (even via the web) and inquire about their policies and get quotes.

All the major companies manage a website that you visit, input your information and get a quote. But there is a much simpler method to review multiple quotes, from an independent neutral source.

By entering your zip code in the banner on this site, you will be taken to a page that includes up to eight companies vying for your business. In less than five minutes you can get a quote from each company and compare rates, then choose the best auto insurance coverage for you and your family.

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Traffic stop for DUI checking

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If you are a car owner in Texas, then you need auto insurance. And one term that frequently pops up during insurance discussions is ‘full coverage’. What does it mean exactly, and how can you choose the right amount of coverage is discussed below.

To understand ‘full coverage’ let’s begin with the basic requirement of a Texas insurance policy, that all registered vehicles must carry at least auto liability insurance. In Texas, the minimum auto liability limits have been defined as: Bodily Injury Liability, $30,000 per person and $60,000 for all injured in one accident. Property Damage Liability, $25,000 per accident.

In Texas, you have to pay for the physical and property damage caused in an accident, if you are proven to be responsible for the crash. That is why for bodily injury liability, you must get a policy which is higher than the minimum limits for liability. So, ‘higher coverage’ becomes essential here. Now, ‘full coverage’ also includes property damage. This property damage can be covered by two types of ‘coverage’ available.

Collision Auto Insurance

Collision coverage is to protect your car if it collides with another object or is turned over. The insurance will pay for the damages done to your car irrespective of you being at fault for the accident or not. In this coverage, you have to choose a deductible- which is an initial amount you have to pay for the damage repair of your car and the insurer pays the rest.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Comprehensive or the “other than collision” Coverage – this is to protect your vehicle from all types of risks other than just a collision. So, with this coverage, your car is insured against theft, vandalism, animal, or natural causes. Here also, you have to define a comprehensive deductible.

The above explained coverage options are your ‘minimum full coverage’ insurance deals. But if you like to be secured better, then you can maximize your coverage net to include these coverage options too.

Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments

Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments coverage protects you in case of an injury as well as pays up to 80% of lost income to you and other passengers injured while in your vehicle. The coverage for each person per accident starts at a minimum $2500 and is applicable irrespective of who caused the accident. This coverage is not mandatory by Texas law, but is an option for additional safety. Medical payments coverage will pay for medical expenses for you or your passenger injured in an accident. There is no set minimum limit available for this coverage.

Uninsured Motorists Coverage

Uninsured Motorists Coverage or ‘Full Coverage’ auto insurance can also include uninsured motorists’ protection- to protect you and your passengers if you collide with a party that does not have insurance or have insufficient insurance. The coverage is defined in split limits for bodily injury and property damage. In Texas, uninsured motorist coverage includes bodily injury and property damage; and the latter carries a $250 deductible.

Towing Coverage

With towing coverage you get to be reimbursed for calling roadside assistance to start your car, or tow it out of a ditch or take out the keys locked inside.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Rental reimbursement coverage is the inclusion of a rental car in the case of your own vehicle being damaged, and being repaired after an accident. So, you are protected while in the rental car, while your insurance pays for your own car’s repairs.

Full Coverage Insurance

‘Full Coverage’ can only be determined by your requirements and whether you are looking for auto insurance in Dallas or anywhere else in the state of Texas, always rely on well known insurance providers.

SR22Texas.org, is the leading free auto insurance comparison portal serving all areas of Texas including Dallas. Auto Insurance quotes included SR-22 insurance quotes from the leading insurance providers are available just by entering your zip code.

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Auto Theft in Texas, Most Stolen Cars


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Auto Theft in Texas – The Most Stolen Cars

Auto theft in Texas has been declining in the past few years. Better car security technology and awareness among car owners have led to this decline. With declining auto thefts, car owners can hope for lower insurance premiums. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles keeps track of vehicle thefts. Here are the 2021 numbers:

In the Lone Star State, there were 66,496 stolen vehicles in 2021. The economic loss from stolen vehicles was close to $1942,486,930. The state saw a total of 223,529 motor vehicle burglaries (for car parts), where the economic loss from burglaries of motor vehicles was $321,486,942.

The motor vehicle theft rate of 264.3 per 100,000 people has lessened as compared to previous years, but auto theft is still prevalent in the state. Usually the stolen vehicles are taken onto freight ships that are heading overseas or they are taken to a warehouse to be dismantled and sold on the black market for parts.

Cars Most Stolen in Texas

  • Ford pickups
  • Chevy pickups
  • Dodge pickups
  • Honda Civic and Honda Accord

These numbers give you the present scenario of auto theft in Texas, with the silver lining being the decline in the rate of thefts as compared to previous years.

Get the Right Insurance Coverage

For vehicle owners in the state, the one thing that can double the pain of automobile theft, is finding out that your car insurance policy falls short of covering your costs associated with the theft. That is why you need to be vigilant enough to stop your vehicle from being stolen.

The first step to protecting your vehicle is to not to rely wholly on the factory installed theft protection device. Most thieves are pros in disabling such systems and can easily override theft prevention. The smart option is to secure your vehicles with additional security devices that are more sophisticated and installed by professionals.

The other most common mistake people commit, and end up having their cars stolen, is thinking that their ‘older’ model cars are safer. You must never feel secure that your old car is not worth much, and be lax in its security. Older vehicles are in demand as there is a big market for their parts because they are no longer being manufactured. That is why you should never make the mistake of not getting adequate insurance coverage for your older car, as you may end up having it stolen, and you having no means of compensation for your loss.

Be Prepared

Another practice that can keep you safe in the event of a car theft is to keep a copy of your car’s original papers. Having the entire set of documents will allow you to get the police complaint processed faster, and with the proof of insurance you can process your claim more quickly.

To protect yourself against auto theft and dealing with financial loss, you must ensure you get adequate coverage for your vehicle. Get a car insurance policy that covers the cost of damages in the event of your vehicle being stolen. The cost of a replacement rental vehicle must also be covered in your policy. So to be safe from auto theft in Texas, get a car insurance policy that covers theft and keeps your car secured with advance security systems.

SR22Texas.org is a leading expert on Texas car insurance. We provide a free online auto insurance quote portal that helps you compare quotes from up to 8 carriers, saving you up to 50% on auto insurance. Help reduce your losses in the event of an auto theft in Texas with the right insurance coverage.

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Cheap SR22 Insurance


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Cheap SR-22 insurance in Texas is easy available if you just look around. Spend less than a few minutes to have good car insurance charges to compare, by using our quote searcher here on the top of the page.

Cheap SR22 Insurance

If you locate out that you just do will need SR22 insurance, don’t be concerned; there are several cheap SR22 insurance companies on the internet. There isn’t one particular company that is better than all of the sleep, and so the best thing you can do is compare quotes from some different SR-22 companies in your town. Be sure you examine SR22 estimates from a minimum of 3 diverse companies. Some car insurance companies tend to be more lenient than others when it comes to SR22 insurance and chance car owners, and you will definitely most likely observe a big distinction within the quotes you get from various companies. Also, find out if there are any discount rates that you might qualify for that can help you locate cheap SR22 insurance in Texas or in your State.

How come people continue to keep having to pay higher monthly premiums for SR-22 insurance? The correct answer is they may be also hectic or lazy to truly put in the effort.

The expense of SR22 insurance differs by car owner and also by insurance company, so there is not a single set cost that every driver pays.

You can reduce the price of your SR22 insurance if you take some time to do your homework and compare level quotations from multiple insurance companies. This is actually the solitary best way to locate cheap SR-22 insurance. Many car owners just go with the very first company they obtain a estimate from and can find yourself overpaying for car insurance. Take your time, evaluate as numerous quotations as is possible, and make an informed choice on which SR22 plan is right for you.

Cheap SR22 Insurance


SR22 Insurance

It could look like a headache to pay for Texas SR-22 insurance, but should you do the research and check around, you should be able to locate a pretty inexpensive level. Just spend the time to evaluate SR-22 quotes from some different companies, and you also shouldn’t have difficulty discovering cheap SR22 insurance.

You can definitely find one particular company that provides a rate that’s $20 monthly less expensive. A little research and effort on your side is pretty much the only thing you should discover cheap SR22 insurance. Spend some time looking at quotations and reviewing the coverage details offered by each company and you may locate the best SR-22 company in no time.

Ultimately, the best SR22 insurance company can vary from person to person. There isn’t one particular company that is superior to all of the rest. That is why it is so essential that you examine estimates from multiple SR22 suppliers. You can definitely find that one company provides you with a price $50-100 less expensive per month. The greater time you may spend choosing the best company for you personally, the better possibility you will have at locating cheap Sr22 insurance.

Status laws and regulations relating to SR-22 may be complex, so obtaining dependable info and support from accredited insurance brokers at reliable SR22 insurance companies may help you prevent the possible loss of your driving rights. Plus, they will be able to help you find an approved cheap SR22 insurance policy.

SR22 insurance in general is a lot more pricey than your standard car insurance since the car owners which require it are thought high-risk motorists. Most drivers that need SR22 have both been caught driving a car with out insurance, been found guilty of driving under the influence, etc. Insurance rates are determined by studying the level of danger a driver presents towards the company. Car insurance companies see these kinds of car owners as more of any danger to guarantee and charge them increased charges for doing it.

Don’t grab the first SR-22 policy you place your eyes on, just because it seems like a good price. Ask around and examine provides from much more insurance companies and choose the least expensive one. Utilizing an insurance information web site would be a good idea – it will save time and also allows you to compare policies visit mind, i.e. you will be aware that you are comparing prices for the exact same insurance package deal.

It is feasible for your SR22 insurance top quality to increase whenever you transfer. Nevertheless, it just depends upon where you are shifting and what company you happen to be covered by insurance by. A huge factor that does figure out a driver’s auto insurance high quality is their area. A car insurance company might take your location under consideration to determine if your home is within an area with a substantial crime level. This could result in your insurance premium to get greater than for a person who lives in a wealthier location with less criminal offense and insurance statements.

In the long run, the easiest was to get a cheap SR22 insurance policy for you is always to examine quotations from as numerous different companies as you can. Motorists that need SR22 insurance are considered dangerous and can usually face higher monthly premiums. There are a few companies that actually concentrate on offering SR22 filings and can offer more reasonable rates. That is why it is actually essential that these motorists evaluate quotes from as numerous companies as possible.

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GAP Insurance TX


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GAP Insurance – What Texas New Car Owners Need to Know

Congratulations on your new car purchase! It’s an exciting time, but not one to be taken lightly. There are many responsibilities and expenses associated with a new car, and making sure that you have adequate Texas auto insurance is one of them.

In general, having auto insurance protects you, your car, and others from the financial impact of any damage or accidents that may occur. While there are many types of auto insurance to purchase, one important type of insurance you should consider is Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance. Typically, this type of insurance covers the difference between the amount you owe on your car loan and the value of your car.

If you purchased a new car in the last 12-18 months, you may recall the salesman pitching you on the importance of GAP Insurance. Odds are you “shut down” the purse strings; half listened and said “no thanks”. You just spent a ton of money on a new car after all, why increase your monthly car expense even more? The truth is… the salesman was right. For many new car owners, GAP Insurance can be an important protectant against financial loss. Especially for those drivers prone to auto accidents.

How Does GAP Insurance Work?

In a simple example, you bought a new car for $25,000, paid $1,000 for your down payment, and your monthly payments are $300. However, after five months, you are involved in an accident and your car is now totalled. The insurance company calculates that your once-new car is now worth only $20,000, which is the amount they will pay to you.

When you combine your down payment with your five monthly payments (for a total of $2,500), you find you still owe $22,500 ($25,000 – $2,500) on your car. Your GAP insurance would cover the difference between what you owe on the car ($22,500) and what your collision insurance would cover ($20,000), which is $2,500… the gap between the two.

GAP Insurance protects you against having to cut a check for the difference between what you owe, and what your car is worth after an accident. Once you have made enough payments on the vehicle, and are not upside down on it anymore, you should consider dropping your GAP Insurance because it won’t benefit you anymore. Since each auto purchase or auto lease is slightly different for a number of factors, you’ll have to calculate when you are no longer upside down on your loan anymore, then call your insurance company and drop your GAP Insurance.

Should Everyone have GAP Insurance?

It sounds like a good deal. But should everyone in Texas get GAP insurance? Anyone who has purchased a new car with a low down payment and has a high interest rate, or a long-term loan (more than 60 months) can benefit from getting GAP insurance. You can buy GAP insurance from a finance company at the time when you make your purchase, but you can get it from a national or Texas auto insurance agent as well.

Of course, if you have positioned both your down payment and your monthly payments so that you won’t be upside-down for a long period of time, then chances are you won’t need GAP insurance. And of course, if you think it is worth the risk, going without GAP insurance may be a calculated risk if you are a very safe driver.

If you own your car outright, there is no need for GAP insurance at all. Or if you put enough down at the time of purchase, either with cash or a down payment, you may not need GAP Insurance. The key is to determine if the vehicle is worth more than you owe. As long as it is, GAP Insurance should be a consideration for you.

When Would You Use Your GAP Insurance?

In the most basic instance, if your car is either stolen or damaged so much so that your repairs would cost more than the value of the car, and you are still making payments, then that is the time to use your GAP insurance.

GAP insurance is also needed if you have leased a car because you still need to cover the cost of the car if it has been totalled or stolen. This is especially important because the amount of your lease payments would be much less as compared to the value of the car, making the need for GAP insurance all the more necessary. And some leasing businesses require it. To give you an idea of what you may need to pay if you don’t have GAP insurance on your leased car, consider this simple formula:

(What you owe on the lease)

– (insurance company payment received)

= (amount you are still personally must cover)

But that’s not all. GAP insurance can cover more than that. Common situations that are often covered by GAP insurance include auto theft, vandalism, fire, and accident, plus weather-related situations such as floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

What GAP Insurance Doesn’t Cover

On the other hand, it is equally as important to know what GAP insurance doesn’t cover. Some examples include unpaid or overdue loan payments, vehicles that were not covered by both collision and comprehensive auto insurance, any item or equipment on your car that wasn’t factory-installed, and money you received from a trade-in when making your car purchase.

Keep in mind that the situations above are only common examples, and that your GAP insurance policy may be different. Get to know your policy, check about what is both covered and excluded, and ask when you have questions.

A car is one of the most expensive purchases you may ever make, so why leave such an asset unprotected? GAP insurance not only provides the protection you need, but peace of mind as well. With the auto insurance quote portal on this site, you can get up to eight auto insurance quotes, and specific that you are in need of GAP insurance as well. The more you shop around, the more money you will save on your Texas auto insurance.

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What Are Texas Auto Insurance Laws?

Dui Check Point

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Before one begins to drive in Texas, he or she must be aware of Texas auto insurance laws. If drivers violate these laws too many times – with a DWI for instance – it could mean the end of their driving privileges in the state, hefty fines and jail time.

Minor traffic violations can also be costly, in the form of increased auto insurance premiums. This can all be avoided with safe driving and knowing the Texas auto insurance mandatory minimums. Read on to learn more.

Texas Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

The first thing to know about Texas auto insurance laws is the state’s minimum requirements. These are the amounts of liability insurance each motorist is mandated to carry for bodily injury and property damage, in the event the driver is at-fault for causing an accident. $30,000 is required for one person for bodily injury liability and Texas mandates that bodily injury liability insurance for two people is set at $60,000. For property damage the minimum required $25,000.

After motorists have purchased their insurance policies, Texas auto insurance laws state that they must provide proof of this insurance coverage. A driver may be asked to demonstrate proof of insurance on several different occasions, such as when being stopped by the highway patrol, after being involved in a car collision, when registering the vehicle, when acquiring a driver’s license and when taking the vehicle for its annual inspection.

Texas Proof of Insurance

It is also part of Texas auto insurance laws to have the proof of insurance within the vehicle at all times. Violating this law can lead to fines and increasing auto insurance rates. Subsequent convictions mean increased fines and a suspended license or vehicle registration. With enough convictions for this crime a motorist can lose his or her driving privileges altogether and may even have his or her vehicle impounded.

The laws do give drivers the option to self-insure, rather than buy auto insurance through a typical insurance carrier. Those who have real estate that they are willing to give up in the event that they are found liable for a car accident can place the property into a surety bond.

A good friend or relative can place his or her property into a bond for another person as well. This bond will be used to pay the damages caused by the collision in the event you are at fault. The other way of self-insuring is to make a deposit with the Texas controller. The amount required for this option is $55,000 and most people do not choose to, or simply do not have, the financial ability take advantage of it.

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