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The Benefits of Buying Texas Auto Insurance Online

When it comes to saving money, we at Texas Auto Insurance applaud everyone who takes a few extra minutes out of their day to focus on saving their hard earned cash. And finding savings on auto insurance in Texas is not as a big a challenge as it used to be, thanks to online quote tools like the one provided here.

The service we provide for those seeking to save money on auto insurance is fairly simple. We help streamline your search for the cheapest auto insurance in Texas, by linking to the top auto insurance companies through our “online quote tool”.

Naturally the auto insurance companies would prefer you go straight to their website and get a quote, if I was them I’d want the same thing. Why? Because then you wouldn’t realize that each auto insurance company has a different set of “factors” to determine the “risk” of insuring you.

Texas Auto Insurance Quotes – Like Playing Poker

You are essentially a poker hand to the auto insurance company. What you enter into the brief questionnaire shows the strength of you, or the “poker hand”.

A Strong Poker Hand = Cheap Auto Insurance Rates

If you have…

  • A great driving record
  • Are a middle aged college graduate
  • Have a stellar credit rating
  • Work from home and rarely drive the mid-class boring 4-door sedan you own

…then you are a “great poker hand”, and the auto insurance company is willing to pay more for you. They pay more by charging you less for your Texas auto insurance premiums.

A Weak Poker Hand = High Auto Insurance Rates

On the other “hand” if you are:

  • 21 years old
  • Have been convicted of a DUI
  • Dropped out of high school
  • Have filed for bankruptcy
  • And love that job you drive your Ford Mustang 82 miles to everyday

… then you have a “terrible poker hand” and the auto insurance company is not willing to bet much on you. In this case your auto insurance rates will be substantially higher, meaning you pay a high price for being a poor risk or “bad bet”.

Beat the Odds

Whether you are a great or terrible hand though, shopping online for the best auto insurance rates is critical to saving money. In order to get started, simply enter your zip code, if you are currently insured or not, if you are a homeowner or not and what your age is.

You are asked these initial questions for these reasons:

  • ZIP CODE: Your zip code determines what insurance companies will provide the quotes (usually there are 8 that compete for your business)
  • INSURED STATUS: If you are currently insured it is an instant measure of you and what risk you are. If you are not insured it means one of two things. That you are a teenager or young adult and this is your first time getting auto insurance (high risk). Or that you let your auto insurance lapse, either for financial reasons or as a personal choice (high risk)
  • You are asked if you are a HOMEOWNER because if you are, you are a better risk (statistically more responsible) and because there is a chance that you may get homeowner’s insurance in addition to new auto insurance. If you are a homeowner or a renter you will likely be able to get quotes on this type of insurance too. Doing so is called “insurance bundling” and is one of many ways to reduce your auto insurance rates
  • Finally you are asked your AGE because it is a direct correlation to the risk level that you are. The very young or very old are higher risk drivers than middle aged drivers.

Based on the 15 seconds it takes to input the information above (zip code, age, insured and homeowner status), our comparison tool chooses the most appropriate auto insurance companies in Texas for you. Some specialize in the very young, or old, while others are best at serving low risk drivers. Up to the top 8 choices will be provided once you fill the blue form.

Online Auto Insurance Quote Process

After clicking on the form, you will be taken to a page with links to the eight or so Texas auto insurance providers best suited for you based on your input. For each, you’ll enter some basic information that only takes a few minutes. This information will include your address, marital status, make and model of your car, second driver etc. All of the things needed to give you an accurate quote.

After a few more quick clicks you will be given an instant online quote. You simply save this information and then do it for a 2nd, 3rd 4th time and so on… How many quotes you choose to get is up to you, but the more you get the more likely you will find the greatest amount of savings.

Make $2000 an Hour

Once you’ve compared all of the quotes provided, simply choose the one you want and start celebrating. Many people save hundreds of dollars by spending a few spare minutes in this process. We all do get stressed and as the pressure mounts, comparing Texas auto insurance rates might not seem like the best use of your time. But if you spend 10 minutes in the process (reading this article and getting the quotes) and save $500, that’s the equivalent to $2000 an hour! Now… go on and get your new Texas auto insurance quotes, you are worth $2000 an hour!

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