Auto Theft in Texas, Most Stolen Cars

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Auto Theft in Texas – The Most Stolen Cars

Auto theft in Texas has been declining in the past few years. Better car security technology and awareness among car owners have led to this decline. With declining auto thefts, car owners can hope for lower insurance premiums. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles keeps track of vehicle thefts. Here are the 2021 numbers:

In the Lone Star State, there were 66,496 stolen vehicles in 2021. The economic loss from stolen vehicles was close to $1942,486,930. The state saw a total of 223,529 motor vehicle burglaries (for car parts), where the economic loss from burglaries of motor vehicles was $321,486,942.

The motor vehicle theft rate of 264.3 per 100,000 people has lessened as compared to previous years, but auto theft is still prevalent in the state. Usually the stolen vehicles are taken onto freight ships that are heading overseas or they are taken to a warehouse to be dismantled and sold on the black market for parts.

Cars Most Stolen in Texas

  • Ford pickups
  • Chevy pickups
  • Dodge pickups
  • Honda Civic and Honda Accord

These numbers give you the present scenario of auto theft in Texas, with the silver lining being the decline in the rate of thefts as compared to previous years.

Get the Right Insurance Coverage

For vehicle owners in the state, the one thing that can double the pain of automobile theft, is finding out that your car insurance policy falls short of covering your costs associated with the theft. That is why you need to be vigilant enough to stop your vehicle from being stolen.

The first step to protecting your vehicle is to not to rely wholly on the factory installed theft protection device. Most thieves are pros in disabling such systems and can easily override theft prevention. The smart option is to secure your vehicles with additional security devices that are more sophisticated and installed by professionals.

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The other most common mistake people commit, and end up having their cars stolen, is thinking that their ‘older’ model cars are safer. You must never feel secure that your old car is not worth much, and be lax in its security. Older vehicles are in demand as there is a big market for their parts because they are no longer being manufactured. That is why you should never make the mistake of not getting adequate insurance coverage for your older car, as you may end up having it stolen, and you having no means of compensation for your loss.

Be Prepared

Another practice that can keep you safe in the event of a car theft is to keep a copy of your car’s original papers. Having the entire set of documents will allow you to get the police complaint processed faster, and with the proof of insurance you can process your claim more quickly.

To protect yourself against auto theft and dealing with financial loss, you must ensure you get adequate coverage for your vehicle. Get a car insurance policy that covers the cost of damages in the event of your vehicle being stolen. The cost of a replacement rental vehicle must also be covered in your policy. So to be safe from auto theft in Texas, get a car insurance policy that covers theft and keeps your car secured with advance security systems. is a leading expert on Texas car insurance. We provide a free online auto insurance quote portal that helps you compare quotes from up to 8 carriers, saving you up to 50% on auto insurance. Help reduce your losses in the event of an auto theft in Texas with the right insurance coverage.

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